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Empower your Business well-being

Whether you're looking for growing your business, or getting deeper insights or managing your business, we have you covered



Increase sales,
and manage orders

A comprehensive tool designed to streamline your billing processes, allowing you to create, send, and manage invoices effortlessly, ensuring timely payments and improved cash flow. 

Generate and send an unlimited number of invoices at no additional cost, helping to manage finances without worrying about extra charges.

Set up automatic reminders to be sent to clients for overdue payments, reducing the likelihood of missed payments and improving cash flow management.

Automate recurring invoices and payment processing, saving time on manual tasks and minimizing errors, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

invoicing feature

financial accounting

Provides comprehensive tools for tracking income, expenses, and overall financial health. With seamless integration into other business processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in all your accounting tasks.

Record and manage an unlimited number of financial transactions without any additional costs, ensuring complete and detailed financial records.

Generate financial reports automatically, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, providing valuable insights and aiding in informed decision-making.

Enjoy real-time synchronization of financial data across all departments, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information for accurate accounting and financial planning.

groflex accounting
Inventory management

Never miss an order,
optimize stock levels

The feature is designed specifically for traders and manufacturers, with real-time monitoring and advanced analytics, ensuring efficient stock control, reducing carrying costs, and minimizing stockouts or overstock situations.

Monitor inventory levels in real-time across multiple locations, ensuring accurate stock data and facilitating timely restocking decisions.

Set up automated reorder points to maintain optimal stock levels, reducing the risk of stockouts and excess inventory.

Track inventory using batch and serial numbers, providing detailed traceability and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Happy clients,
thriving business

Manage customer interactions, track sales activities, and analyze customer data, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales growth, by building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Maintain a comprehensive, centralized database of all customer information, enabling better customer service and more personalized interactions.

Automate sales processes and follow-up reminders, ensuring timely and consistent communication with prospects and customers, leading to higher conversion rates.

Access detailed analytics and reports on customer behavior, preferences, and sales trends, helping to make data-driven decisions and refine marketing strategies.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Efficient and simple,
employee management

The HRM feature is a robust solution for managing your workforce effectively, offering tools for recruitment, employee management, payroll, and performance tracking, streamlining HR processes.

Automate payroll calculations and processing, ensuring accurate and timely salary payments, reducing administrative burden and errors.

Provide employees with a self-service portal to manage their personal information, view payslips, and apply for leave, improving transparency and reducing HR workload.

Track and manage employee performance with goal setting, appraisals, and feedback tools, helping to identify top performers and areas for improvement.

Essentials to power your business growth

Integrations with 3rd party plugins

Integrate effortlessly with your favorite apps. Enhance functionality, boost efficiency, and streamline workflows.

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Trust our Security Commitment

We have world-class encryption to keep your data safe and always available

  • 256 bit - SSL Encryption Sensitive data in our database are optimally encrypted. We are SSL Certified and have automatic backups for maximum security and availability.
  • Software As A Service (SaaS) grofleX is a cloud based software and we rely on state-of-the-art encryption technology (AES256) and attach great importance to protection against cyber attacks and hacker attacks.
  • Security & Data Protection Your grofleX data is stored on the multiple-protected VdS servers at secure locations in USA, Germany and India which is GDPR and CCPA complaint.

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I just had to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outstanding service they provided. Their complete assistance and efforts were truly remarkable

Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO

Every step of the way they provided helpful advice, recommended strategies to ensure our website was optimally set up, and made sure every element was clear and concise.

Julie Kyle

Account Executive

Excellent service and throughly trained professionals, and their follow-up on tickets was handled with such care and attention to detail.

Brendan Buck

Data Engineer

Every step of the way they provided helpful advice, recommended strategies to ensure our website was optimally set up, and made sure every element was clear and concise.

Paige Lowery

Head of Brand

I just had to take a moment to express my gratitude for the outstanding service they provided. Their complete assistance and efforts were truly remarkable.

Stefan Ball

Marketing Manager

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