Automated Numbering

Each bill has a unique number that makes it easy to track and eases tax filing. grofleX automatically generates a unique number for your bills to avoid any human error

Product/Article Database

Have a complete view of your articles in one place. You can easily manage them with the help of this feature without having to locate them indivisually


The software enables automation of activities such as payment reminders, sending invoices and quotations, so you don’t have to work manually. This allows you to use your time efficiently and focus on core areas of the business

Automated Reminders

Our automated software handles the payment reminders for you. Every time the software detects that your payments are due, it will send an automated reminder to the customer according to the degree of automation you select

Article Management

The feature allows you to add and edit new articles on the tool. Add all the pertinent information related to the articles for your future reference


Maintain your documents and allocation of payments in compliance with accounting standards and best practices