Expanding global financial management solutions

At grofleX ERP, we specialize in providing top-notch financial management solutions tailored to meet the diverse accounting standards and regulations across various global markets. Our commitment to understanding and integrating with the unique accounting requirements of each country ensures that businesses can operate seamlessly and comply with local financial regulations. Below is a comprehensive list of the countries we serve, along with the respective accounting standards applicable in each market.

Sl.noContinentCountry Tax Category(IFRS, GAAP, VAT, Sales tax)
1AsiaBahrain (Bahraini Dinar (BHD))IFRS- VAT
2 Bangladesh (Bangladeshi Taka (BDT))IFRS- VAT
3 Cambodia (Cambodian Riel (KHR))IFRS- VAT
5 Indonesia (Indonesian Rupiah (IDR))IFRS- VAT
6 Israel (Israeli New Shekel (ILS))IFRS- VAT
7 Kuwait (Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD))IFRS- VAT
8 Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit (MYR))IFRS – Sales tax
9 Maldives (Maldivian Rufiyaa (MDR))IFRS- GST
10 Oman (Omani Rial (OMR))IFRS- VAT
11 Philippines (Philippine Peso (PHP))IFRS- VAT
12 Saudi Arabia (Saudi Riyal (SAR))IFRS- VAT
13 Singapore (Singapore Dollar (SGD))IFRS – GST
14 South Korea (South Korean Won (KRW))IFRS- VAT
15 Taiwan (New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) – NT$)IFRS- VAT
16 Thailand (Thai Baht (THB))IFRS- VAT
17 Vietnam (Vietnamese Dong (VND))IFRS- VAT
18 IndiaIFRS – GST
20 Australia (Australian Dollar (AUD))IFRS- GST
21 New Zealand (New Zealand Dollar (NZD))IFRS – GST
22 Timor – Leste (United States Dollar (USD))IFRS – Sales tax
23EuropeAustria IFRS- VAT
24 Belgium IFRS- VAT
25 Croatia IFRS- VAT
26 Cyprus IFRS- VAT
27 Estonia IFRS- VAT
28 Finland IFRS- VAT
29 France IFRS- VAT
30 Germany IFRS- VAT
31 Greece IFRS- VAT
32 Ireland IFRS- VAT
33 Italy IFRS- VAT
34 Latvia IFRS- VAT
35 Lithuania IFRS- VAT
36 Luxembourg IFRS- VAT
37 Malta IFRS- VAT
38 Netherlands IFRS- VAT
39 Portugal IFRS- VAT
40 Slovakia IFRS- VAT
41 Slovenia IFRS- VAT
42 Spain IFRS- VAT
43 UK (pound £) IFRS- VAT
44 Ukraine (hryvnia ₴) IFRS- VAT
45 Czech (koruna Kč) IFRS- VAT
46 Hungary (forint) IFRS- VAT
47 Sweden (krona) IFRS- VAT
48 Denmark (krone) IFRS- VAT
49 Romania (leu/lei)  IFRS- VAT
50 Bulgaria (lev лв) IFRS- VAT
51 Poland (zloty zł) IFRS- VAT
51Africa Algeria IFRS- VAT
52 Angola IFRS- VAT
53 Benin IFRS- VAT
54 Botswana IFRS- VAT
55 Burkin-Faso IFRS- VAT
56 Cape Verde IFRS- VAT
57 Cameroon  IFRS- VAT
58 Central African Republic IFRS- VAT
59 Chad IFRS- VAT
60 Comoros IFRS- VAT
61 Democratic Republic of Congo IFRS- VAT
62 Cote D’Ivoire IFRS- VAT
63 Djibouti IFRS- VAT
64 Egypt IFRS- VAT
65 Equatorial Guinea IFRS- VAT
66 Eritrea IFRS- VAT
67 Eswatini IFRS- VAT
68 Ethiopia IFRS- VAT
69 Gabon IFRS- VAT
70 Gambia IFRS- VAT
71 Ghana IFRS- VAT
72 Guinea IFRS- VAT
73 Guinea Bissau IFRS- VAT
74 Ivory Coast IFRS- VAT
75 Kenya IFRS- VAT
76 Lesotho IFRS- VAT
77 Malawi  IFRS- VAT
78 Mauritius IFRS- VAT
79 Morocco IFRS- VAT
80 Mozambique IFRS- VAT
81 Namibia IFRS- VAT
82 Niger IFRS- VAT
83 Nigeria IFRS- VAT
84 Rwanda IFRS- VAT
85 South Africa IFRS- VAT
86 Sudan IFRS- VAT
87 Togo IFRS- VAT
88 Uganda IFRS- VAT
89 Zambia IFRS- VAT
90 Zimbabwe IFRS- VAT
91North America United StatesGAAP – sales tax
92 Mexico (Mexican Peso (MXN))IFRS- Sales tax
93 Honduras (Honduran Lempira (HNL))IFRS – VAT
94 Nicaragua (Nicaraguan Córdoba (NIO))IFRS – VAT
95South AmericaArgentina (Argentine Peso (ARS) )IFRS- VAT
96 Bolivia ( Bolivian Boliviano (BOB))IFRS- VAT
97 Chile (Chilean Peso (CLP) )IFRS- VAT
98 Colombia (Colombian Peso (COP) )IFRS- VAT
99 Ecuador (United States Dollar (USD))IFRS- VAT
100 Guyana (Guyanese Dollar (GYD) )IFRS- VAT
101 Paraguay (Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) )IFRS- VAT
102 Peru (Peruvian Sol (PEN)) IFRS- VAT
103 Suriname (Surinamese Dollar (SRD) )IFRS- VAT
104 Uruguay (Uruguayan Peso (UYU) )IFRS- VAT
105 Venezuela (Venezuelan Bolívar (VES) )IFRS- VAT
List of countries we serve

By leveraging grofleX ERP, businesses in these countries can ensure full compliance with local accounting standards and tax regulations, thereby streamlining their financial operations and enhancing efficiency. Our platform is designed to be adaptable and scalable, making it a perfect fit for businesses of all sizes and across various industries. Join us in revolutionizing financial management and unlocking new levels of business success. ​

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