Imprez Launches Purchase Order Management to Accelerate Touchless PO Life-Cycle.” Launches Purchase Order Management to Accelerate Touchless PO Life-Cycle.

Bengaluru, India, August 10th, 2020: Imprezz, India’s leading invoicing software, announced its latest feature update, purchase order management. Imprezz accounting software is a one-stop accounting solution for small and medium enterprises in India. The company strives to accelerate touchless purchase order life-cycle after reinforcing businesses with simple yet congenial invoicing and quotation management tools in recent years.

Besides providing strong support to the SME’s, Imprezz is determined to launch several features to reinvent the technologically driven accounting attributes. The new feature, purchase order enables the user to manage the entire purchase order cycle rapidly. It allows the users to create standardized PO’s directly from requisitions with a click of a button. Read further to discover how you can speedily improve your business with the Imprezz purchase order feature.

Imprezz purchase order feature

“Overwhelmed by Business complexities amid the global economic crisis? – Realize that the alphabets consist only 26 letters, all our calculations are based on ten numerical digits, our DNA can be dissected into four letters, and you can rid from all your business complexities with a just of automation”.

Do you know what the root cause of all your business complications is? – The complication itself. In today’s business world, people are fascinated by hustle culture. Blindly driving yourself crazy to work hard is a waste of time and effort. Instead, you can adapt the technological advancements in your businesses to automate necessary business functions. It not only simplifies your business but helps you better focus on crucial management tasks.

In business, the last thing you should be dealing with is paperwork. Some companies tend to ignore the aspect of purchase order management to rid of the extra paperwork. Business owners might as well argue as it might seem like just another copy of invoices. But most small businesses and large enterprises know that PO management simplifies the workflow. It is nerve-wracking to maintain accurate financial records without purchase orders.

After hearing the requests of millions of customers, Imprezz launched an add-on feature, purchase order. The goal is to update advanced features continually so that businesses need not implement multiple software for various accounting processes. You can now rid of the PO management software system as you can manage the same on your invoicing software. Cut costs and effectively manage all your accounting tasks under a single dashboard on

Consolidate your purchasing functions on all levels with imprezz

Simplify Your Purchase Orders with Imprezz

Imprezz enables you to track all your purchase orders, view financial forecasts, and access all costs under a single system. You can take bulk orders with an accurate costing. Become an A-lister by billing clients accurately. Say no more to manual processes and double entries, harvest better results timely with purchase order management on

Here’s how you can simplify purchase order management with Imprezz accounting software.

1.      Control Your Finances

Establishing the PO system organizes the ordering process. You can create PO’s in just a click with It can save you a lot of time in the long-run.

Accurate PO management helps with budgeting of massive projects and day-to-day purchases. With Imprezz, you can calculate quantities and prices to understand your sales and profit requirements better.

You can automatically push bills with PO management features and eliminate double handling. You can manage business costs through this handy feature available in the software.

2.    Beware of Your Spending

Control all your business spend on Imprezz invoicing software. The newly launched purchase feature enables you to manage all sorts of PO’s. Standard PO’s, Blanket PO’s, Planned PO’s, and Contract PO’s to name a few.

The feature enables you to streamline your business workflow with spend management solutions. You can track and record what’s being ordered, the cost changes on the product or service, and the delivery status.

Using the PO management feature enables you to get rid of unexpected costs. It provides warning against unanticipated expenses. It primarily contributes to planning, budgeting, and communication aspects of organizational management.

The advanced purchase order feature on the software enables you to control the authority to access the purchasing system. With automated management of PO under one system, it becomes easier to track where all the money is going.

3.    Automation

Automation makes business flexible and adaptable to changes. Each business enterprise work with distinct financial values. The purchase order feature enables organizations to streamline their accounting processes concerning their values.

The feature provides accuracy, speed, visibility, and greater control through routing approvals. Automation efficiently converts purchase requisitions into purchase orders. Follow the right approval processes with

4.    Integration

The purchase order feature is integrated into all-in-one accounting software. You can automate data transfer from PO’s to invoices under the same software. The integration of PO and invoicing management allows you to keep your financial reports intact.

Integrating purchase order management helps procure inventory. The easy to use PO feature within an invoicing software helps in inventory management. You can match purchase orders against invoices to better understand the incoming inventory.

5.     Flexible Receipting Processes

There are multiple ways to receipt orders. You can customize receipts as per the requirement of your order on Change it to a full or partial receipt as per the requirement. You can also amend the purchase order by including or eliminating the items.

Key Features of the New Update: Purchase Order

  • The add-on feature enables the user to place orders on the tailored purchase order templates and automate the dispatch via email.
  • You can quickly amend the released order with automation and audit details.
  • The customized templates on the software allow you to add notes or comments for the supplier’s use.
  • It also enables you to add taxes in line item levels.
  • The entire spend is automatically classified in accordance with taxonomy. This feature enables real-time analysis and spends visibility.
  • The PO management simplifies your business workflow conditions based on the limits of approval.

The user interface of Imprezz software allows you to manage purchase orders feature in the cloud easily. You can manage requests, create and send purchase orders, monitor your spending, and approve invoices from anywhere, anytime with the integrated software system. You can quickly and accurately control the purchase order workflow with the utmost visibility.


Imprezz is cloud-based accounting software with an integrated purchase order management feature. It enables a variety of businesses to control their financial operations efficiently. The invoicing software has been revolutionizing the way businesses operate in India

Today, Imprezz is one of the leading accounting software across the country. The accounting tools offered by the software have drastically transformed freelancers and entrepreneurs by providing cutting-edge innovation. The company’s mission is to build value so businesses can focus on higher productivity and healthier cashflow.

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