Why you should write your invoices online?

Why you should write your invoices onlineA simple and professional invoice is a good idea to spend less time on billing. It builds trust amongst your customers, and encourage your clients to pay you faster. So why is it important that you should write your invoices online?

An invoice is used for a payment request but also helps to maintain a connection with your customers. It is required for business owners to make a good impression with clients with a valid invoice number.

Your invoice speaks for the client and the job you did for them. The client needs to identify with the charges instantly. Otherwise, your invoice most likely will end-up unnoticed into a pile. Hence you will end up sending reminders for the release of the payment.

How should an invoice look like?

Many times you have noticed an invoice or bill that looks all mixed up. The reasons are bad layout and information scattered all around. Sometimes the bills are so unclear that the client wastes a lot of time understanding what they’re charged for.

It is essential that like your business, product, or service, even your invoices need to stand out from the rest. Moreover, the look and language of your invoices are critical to getting you paid on time. It should perfectly blend with the rest of your branding and the message you’d like to deliver.

At Imprezz solutions, we offer customized services for creating an invoice as per your requirement.

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10 benefits of an online invoice for every business

As a small business owner, you invest a considerable amount of time creating and sending out invoices to your clients. Depending on the company or business size, this type of activity consumes a lot of time. As your business grows, so is your problem related to generating invoices and receiving payments.

However, due to the new and advanced technology, with invoice apps, you transform invoicing operations in no time. Through online invoicing, all the accounting work is easy to maintain on a regular 30 days cycle. Online invoices enable your clients to pay through various means, for instance, PayPal, credit cards, etc. on the due date.

Quick Solutions

Filling/writing invoices by hand at the end of the month is a slow task, which takes a lot of time. With online invoicing, all of the work gets done automatically. In an online invoice, you add the client’s contact information and payment terms only one time. Then the same data is automatically populated every time into the invoice with just a click of a button.

Easy for the clients

Invoices set the tone for your clients, so it needs to look professional. When you opt for online invoicing, you quickly reduce the clutter on your client’s desk. This process increases the chances that they will notice your invoice immediately before it sinks to the bottom billing pile.

The easy to understand invoice can make your client pay you faster. Imprezz helps you create a legally secure and professional invoice.

Quick delivery of invoice

Gone are the days to send out invoices through courier or speed post. An automated invoicing service allows you to send invoices instantly and on time, whether it’s a weekday or weekend. The automatic invoice process will allow you to send multiple invoices quickly once you have completed the job.

No risk of misplacing invoice

When we send invoices through regular post or courier, there is always a small risk that the invoice might get lost. Such issues further delay the payment process. When a client receives an invoice through a post, there is still a chance of losing or forgetting about the invoice.

An online invoicing system eliminates both of these crucial problems. You always have a backup copy of your invoice for later reference.

Enhanced tracking capabilities

With the use of advanced online accounting software, you get alert or notification whenever your client receives your invoice. With the use of dashboard and overview tracking capabilities, you keep a tab on overdue invoices or upcoming expenses.

It makes the work convenient, instead of sending constant payment reminders to your client. The client cannot refuse or deny any payment due to a digital record of your invoice and a valid invoice date. It helps in maintaining a clear record of transactions between you and the client.

Eco-friendly work

There are times when unnecessary paperwork takes up the valuable workspace on your desk. Online invoicing removes this problem by keeping all your invoices stored as data files on your computer. You can easily access them whenever you require them. This approach makes your work hassle-free and convenient.


The less use of paper also helps to reduce the cost of invoicing for your business. The cost of the paper, postal envelopes, stamps, and postage are a few expenses that are easy to save.

All of the unnecessary costs will help you save a lot of money without additional help. With invoicing automation, there’s no paper, no envelopes, no postage, and you complete the task in less time.

Detailed reporting system

With an online invoicing system, the data remains organized due to comprehensive reporting capabilities. All of your invoices get quickly and efficiently organized by date, client, job type, or any other metric you choose.

You can effortlessly customize the invoice as per your need. With this system, you can see invoices that are being timely paid, pending payments, and even the awaiting amount. It will give a clearer picture of your business’s cash flow projections, making accounting that much easier.

Mobile Enabled

With cloud-based software, you can access your invoicing data from anywhere, even while traveling to any part of the world. You can forward an invoice to your clients right away, without having to wait to get back to the office. You can even finish your work from home with minimum disruptions and also get paid faster.

Customized invoice

Online invoices look more professional than the handwritten invoices. So many times in handwritten invoices, the chances of mistakes are more. An invoice with errors seems very improper and confusing.

Online invoicing templates allow you to make customized changes and make your organization look more updated with advanced smart technology. It presents an impressive picture to your clients about your company, products, and services.


Professionalism is vital for businesses to succeed in the long run. Creating professional invoices helps get paid faster and automate transactions. It rids you from paper-work and other hassles of manual invoicing procedures.

Imprezz accounting software offers an unmatched convenience in sending out GST compliant online invoices, along with all other benefits. Checkout our invoice tutorials to learn more about creating a new invoice.

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