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The best GST billing software is a business tool that any small, medium or large-scale businesses must implement to effectively manage operations and facilities. It not only increases the potential credibility of an organization but also eradicates the errors or complications that are generally accompanied by the traditional (manual) billing methods. Only 7% of the total population in India are registered taxpayers. Businesses, especially in India, have inadequate knowledge concerning the GST billing software. However, a significant increase in SMEs in the nation has dramatically changed how businesses operate over the past two years. Most modern businesses in India are updated and use advanced technology to upscale their growth. Despite adopting a systematic approach towards business functionalities, several businesses face issues concerning GST related invoices, returns, claims, compliance forms, and other finance-related functions. Not many business owners are well aware of the GST updates, including various vital aspects of return filing – for instance, GSTIN, HSN, SAC, tax calculations, varying tax rates, etc. No business can afford to commit errors regarding these aspects; it may lead to severe consequences like IT (Income Tax) raid or Tax fine. Implementing the best GST accounting software can counter all these issues in no time. The conventional software comes with automated features that accounting professionals or business owners can easily understand and use. You need not be an expert in accounting to be able to do all the accounting tasks. With minimum technical knowledge, you can keep your business on track, avoid delay in payments from clients, GST returns filling, etc. In this article, we will walk you through the vital features that your billing software must-have. Please make sure you only implement software that saves time and not waste it. Are you looking for a cost-efficient GST billing software that can manage all your financial data? Subscribe to Read this article to know what unique feature offers.

GST Billing Software – Top Features

Tax Calculations

Being a taxpayer, understanding the taxation system can be confusing at times. There are different rates of GST for various products and services. Thus, taxpayers often struggle with multiple forms of GST, such as CGST, SGST, UTGST, IGST. The on-going economic crisis has led to various changes in the taxation format and policies. Most taxpayers find it complicated to file GST returns. Implementing a GST billing software can rid you of all the taxation hassles. GrofleX accounting software comes updated as per the changes notified by the government. Provided the right inputs, the software calculates tax and file returns in just a few clicks with zero errors. Implementing the right accounting software can help reduce your confusion. Error-free tax calculations will simultaneously help increase the productivity of your business. To know more about GST updates and relaxations, you can visit We provide comprehensive guides to ease the burden of taxpaying for business owners, accountants, freelancers, and other SME’s.

GST E-Invoice Generation

E-invoicing under GST is now mandatory for businesses. All goods and services registered under GST must have records of transactions. Precisely, the invoices issued by a seller to a receiver must be GST compliant. E-invoicing can be carried out through GST invoice generator software; it generates and sends invoices per the taxation policy. Issuing invoices through accounting software provides flexibility in appearance, personalized according to the company’s theme. You can issue and record multiple GST e-invoices easily, saving time, and workforce. The accounting software, like, helps your business remain GST compliant as it stays relevant and updated as per the GST law. Issue invoices as per the updated E-invoice format; subscribe to GrofleX, leading accounting software in India.


Due to frequent changes in the nation’s taxing policies, the taxpayers have to deal with a lot of confusion when filing the reports concerning GST, GST returns, ITC claims, etc. The forms must be filed to the concerned departments, monthly, quarterly, and annually. The forms should be filed in specific formats specified as per the GST law. Your GST accounting software should be able to import accounting data and generate reports. Instead of implementing multiple software to manage various accounting functions, you can now switch to The software offers tally integration for effective reports management. The import function enables business owners to import files in just a few clicks. The software also provides Purchase order management tools that accelerate the PO lifecycle.

ITC Synchronization

Taxpayers are eligible to claim Input Tax Credits for GST paid on inward supplies. ITC can be claimed if suppliers file GST tax returns periodically without fail. Thus, your GST accounting software must be able to record each transaction and supplier invoices under the same system. GrofleX accounting software helps calculate the ITC accurately by synchronizing multiple records. It automatically notifies unsynchronized reports so you can take immediate measures to resolve them. Thus, ITC synchronization is one of the vital features you must look for in accounting software.

Cloud Storage

Data storage is vital for any business. Accounting software must provide an adequate storage facility that is reliable. Under unfavorable circumstances, business owners must be able to restore financial data with backup options. For any business, crucial operations are dependent on their finances. Thus, no business can afford to lose financial data. Cloud accounting software not only provides data storage and backup facilities but also ensures that all your financial data remains synced under one system. Using cloud software enables you to access all your financial data with just a click. You can create invoices, edit formats, send quotations or manage GST-related accounting tasks from anywhere, anytime. Having cloud storage and the facility is a great advantage. GrofleX automates accounting functions and eases the burden of account management. The single database storage and access also enable business owners to control the data access as per their requirements.

Code Reference

In the Indian taxing culture, a supplier’s goods and services are classified through the Harmonized System of Nomenclature Code (HSN Code). The code is provided on all goods and services sold, irrespective of its type. Thus, issuing GST invoices to recipients is obligatory under the current taxation system. Businesses issue several invoices every month. In such a case, it is time-consuming and challenging to search for each code manually. You will be lost in papers for hours or days. Wherein, implementing an GrofleX GST accounting software can do this job for you in a single click of a button. Each invoice code is synced with the goods and services you provide.

Data Security

Businesses are often prone to financial frauds wherein their business data is hacked or destroyed. Sometimes, having a flawed software system can cause system malfunctioning due to virus pop-ups. In today’s competitive world, business data is equally valuable as that of the financial value. Loopholes in data security can result in loss of time, money, and efforts. Therefore, implementing the right GST billing software helps create a safer business environment. Choose software that provides cloud security that comes with a password, access code, and special UPI codes for banking sectors. is an antivirus guaranteed software that ensures high-end data security.

User – Friendly Interface

Not many small business owners are tech-savvy, nor do they have efficient resources to hire someone who can handle it for them. Modern accounting software is built to rid business owners off from the technical hassles. For instance, GrofleX accounting software automates technical functions, allowing users to manage to account from the tip of their fingers. Businesses can now operate effectively and achieve desired financial results with the necessary computer skills.


Businesses, irrespective of their scale, require accounting software to track each transaction. It is vital to choose a software that best suits your business goals. Cost is one of the crucial factors to consider while making this decision. Usually, the desktop version of GST accounting software is a bit expensive. Although free GST accounting software in India offer good deals, they provide restricted features. Good news? offers desktop version at cost-effective pricing plans. Visit the official website to know more.

Customer service

GST taxation culture is a recent implementation, and people are slowly adapting to the government’s changes and improvements. Not many taxpayers are well-versed with accounting activities, especially GST and taxation. Thus, choosing an updated and useful accounting software as per the recent amendments is significant for businesses. Select the best GST billing software that offers customer support round the clock. Subscribe to for 24*7 customer support, manual user guides, webinars, and more.


Not many accounting software are well aware of the diverse business requirements. Designing an all-inclusive GST software requires an in-depth knowledge of various facilities that are to be offered. It is vital to ensure that the accounting features mentioned above have an undisturbed road to success. GrofleX GST accounting software is one of the leading pioneers in India. We are an Indian invoicing software designed to make various accounting ends meet for small businesses. We are an integrated platform offering features to generate GST invoices, quotations, billings, tax calculation, cloud accounting, etc. Subscribe to, have un-interrupted experience in your business management.

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