Subscription Billing Software – Definitive Guide

Subscription Billing Software - Definitive Guide

Businesses today are still unaware of the term “subscription bills.” However, the concept of subscription billing is not entirely new. It is one of the billing methods that businesses use to charge their customers when processing transactions. Although the idea of subscription billing software roots in earlier times, companies have recently started recognizing the need to issue bills consistently.

Today’s service-oriented digital world has increased the scope of the subscription billing system. Businesses, organizations, and people are slowly leaning towards online subscription platforms for media, entertainment, and more. Most enterprises prefer subscribing to access the latest content instead of wasting money on products that soon become obsolete. Thus, subscription billing business models have boomed recently.

The subscription billing system offers several benefits for both businesses and customers. The user interface of the subscription billing system is simple and easy to navigate. The software enables users to predict the accounts receivables from a company or customer and the number of bills issued in a specific accounting period. In turn, subscription helps attract and retain customers over the long run, irrespective of the business sector or market.

What Does Subscription Billing Platform Mean?

Subscription billing software is a multi-purpose billing system that enables businesses to manage recurring payments, subscriptions, and automate invoices to customers. It is a platform that helps bridge the gap between your products or services and the online payment gateways. Subscription billing allows you to issue e-invoices regularly as per your business requirements.

What is Recurring Billing System?

Recurring bills are the invoice bills issued to subscribers (customers) frequently instead of one-time billing. The billing system is usually used by digital service providers, anything from music apps, magazines, entertainment apps to customer relationship management solutions that feature recurring bills. Recurring billing models offer pricing model management (scale-based or volume-based), billing cycle (monthly, weekly, etc.), automatic billing model, and batch processing.

What is Subscription Management?

Subscription management deals with managing subscribers and their preferences throughout the cycle. The regular system enables you to store necessary information such as the catalog, prices, subscriber’s data, add-ons, subscriptions, transaction history, billing cycle, and more. However, SaaS billing software enables you to perform complex tasks such as experience management, event pricing, charges, pay upgrades, downloads, and cancellations throughout the subscription cycle.

As explained earlier, it is evident that both subscription management and recurring billing go hand-in-hand. In this article, you will understand how creating invoices can result in far-reaching consequences in terms of the revenue recognition and generation process.

Why Should Small Businesses Use Subscription Billing Software?

Hassle-Free Subscription Management

Providing customer services, along with subscriptions, can be challenging for small businesses. Keeping track of add-ons, cancellations, updates, and other changes can be frustrating. The good news is, a subscription billing software does meet these ever-evolving customer preferences with a click of a button.

Pro Pricing Plans

How do you know if the product price is overvalued or undervalued? It would be best to try various pricing plans to understand what works best for you and your customers. The data-driven approach towards pricing enables you to try multiple pricing options. You get your ideal pricing plan sooner by trying out the odds, by removing, adding, bundling, or customizing the plans.

Access Data at Your Fingertips

Subscription billing software provides smart dashboards with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that helps manage executive, sales, marketing, and financial functions. The system offers valuable insights drafted from the metrics that help make data-driven decisions.

Enhanced Customer Retention

The billing process primarily influences customer retention. The built-in software capabilities like voucher management, variable billing cycles, pro-rata billing, and multiple payment methods enhance customer retention.

How to Fast Track Your Business with Subscription Billing Software?

Effectively Manage Your Subscription Business in all Aspects

Simplify your business with the customization and unique features offered by subscription management software

  • Send real-time invoices to recurring customers with the click of a button.
  • Improvise the quality of your billing process in no time.
  • Imprezz, subscription management software, enables you to control the usage, billing type, frequency, and expiration of the products your business offers.
  • The software helps automate recurring invoices that increase customer retention in the long run.
  • Manage subscriptions effectively with data-driven insights and billing solutions.

Automate Subscription Billings & Payments

Getting paid instantly has become a no-brainer task with cloud-based integrated systems. Receive your payments on time by automating your subscription billing system.

  • Get rid of outdated invoices with instant payment features on the billing software.
  • Enable payment gateways with integrated billing software to increase customer retention.
  • Imprezz subscription billing software enables you to customize your invoices by integrating with the CRM system.

Receive Instant Payments & Late Fee Notifications

  • Subscription billing software helps keep track of outdated invoices and late fees. Timely payment reminders ensure you get paid on time.
  • You can add the outdated invoice amount or late fees on the recurring bills in just a few clicks.
  • Simplify the payment process with integrated software that entails a payment reminder feature.
  • Online subscription and recurring billing software help businesses manage and automate recurring billing services regularly.

Track Progress & Develop Real-Time Reports

Effectively track the progress of your subscription business by creating various customer reports. Subscription billing enables you to generate reports, outstanding invoices, paid bills, invoice aging that streamlines customer management.

  • Keep track of payments by reviewing outstanding bills and paid invoices.
  • Analyze each item billed in the invoice and share the detailed information with your customers.
  • Utilize the features that enable a control mechanism to manage recurring invoices and periodic reports.
  • Create timely expense reports in the billing system to avail expense forecast and efficient management of finances.
  • Imprezz GST billing software automates return filing. It auto-populates each GST e-invoice or report created by the business to ensure timely tax payment.
  • The invoicing feature enables you to keep track of invoices that are paid or outdated.
  • CRM integrated software offer currency options. It helps maintain the records properly with definite currency options.

Utilize Powerful Invoicing Features to their Full Potential

Recurring Billing and subscription software enables efficient payments. They offer various features that help customize invoices as per the business requirements.

  • Maximize profits through total costs and revenue.
  • Improve customer experience by providing necessary options under a single platform.
  • Adhere to real-time invoicing, reporting, and seamless management of subscription billing.
  • Subscription billing systems are safe, secure, and verified.

How Does Imprezz Billing Platform Enable Subscription Billing?

Imprezz is cloud-based billing software that enables small businesses to implement and manage complex subscription models. The platform is agile and customizable, making it easier to adapt to any business or pricing model as required. The uniquely integrated invoicing and billing platform provide custom data to manage all sorts of financial services.

The live version of the software is a multi-user billing system that helps share data access with up to 10 employees. It helps effectively manage various aspects of subscription billing under a single unified platform. Implement and manage multiple subscription pricing models simultaneously while setting up the custom billing cycles and pricing models. The configuration rules help automate updates, cancellations, demotions that help demonstrate a well-designed subscription system.


Implementing subscription billing software mainly provides security for the transaction. Why choose the Imprezz billing system for your business? Imprezz offers 24*7 customer service and support. It is one of India’s most reliable software that helps companies become the leaders of their respective industries. It is an all-in-one subscription suite.

We offer a 14 days free trial software program for small and medium businesses in India. Log in to get started with subscription billing!

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